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NOAC is a Frankfurt based hybrid design collective founded in 2010. It consists of four multidisciplinary artists and
several associates, who are coming from all different kinds of creative backgrounds.

NOAC is based on the research of the possibilities, within the rhizomatique correlation of it’s contributing artists, in it’s own distinctive visual style. There is no standard formular, but an unfolding of creative possibilities regarding the experimental basic frame work.

Our main focus and interest is the experimental usage of diverse materials and techniques, which creates an enthralling,
wide ranging and differing field. From low to high culture, we’re deconstructing the boundaries of subcultures and popular culture.

The workflow incorporates not just digital elements, but also a process of analog components in the fields of experimental video and graphic design as well as live actions. This gives us the freedom to explore uncommon aesthetics, which couldn’t be achieved otherwise. The applied techniques involve video, motion graphics, 2d animation, illustration, typography, photography and compositing.

Each project is unique and we treat it in such a way. Our goal is to enhance the individual character of each project
and to give it an atmosphere of it’s own. Each work is a one of a kind piece.